The Line Cook is expected to prepare and plate hot food to the exact standard and recipes established by management in a timely and consistent manner. 
1. Demonstrate knowledge of culinary practices and terminology 
2. Consistently express understanding and comittment to the restaurant’s cuisine concept and the 
managements philosophy through culinary technique and esprit de corps. 
3. Manage assigned station to ensure the consistent production of all assigned menu items to the 
exact standard established by management: 
Station inventory/par levels 
Station mis-en-place standard 
Plating standards 
Standard preparation and seasoning techniques 
4. Communicate and expedite all food items from the back of the line. 
5. Ensure all line food items being produced are of the highest level of quality; prepared in a timely, consistent manner and ensuring total guest satisfaction. 
6. Participate in the proper storage and organization of all food, paper and chemical goods. 
7. Demonstrate standard sanitation practices and cleaning schedules; adhere to local and state 
health code regulations. 
8. Adhere to recipes, production and usage records. 
9. Date all food containers and rotate per Ford Fry Restaurants Culinary Standards, making sure 
that all perishables are kept at proper temperatures. 
10. Check pars for shift use; determine necessary preparation, freezer pull and line set up. Notify 
Chef any out-of stock items or possible shortages. 
11. Operate, maintain and properly clean deep fryer, broiler, range, grill, wood-fired oven, food 
processor, mixer, slicer on a shift basis. 
12. Attend and participate in all required meetings. 
13. Report unsafe working conditions, operational needs, and equipment or other aspects of the 
restaurant in need of repair to management. 
14. Properly handle and report employee and guest accidents. 
15. Respond properly to any restaurant emergency or safety situation. 
16. Follow proper payroll and uniform procedures. 
17. Ensure opening and closing duties are completed consistently. 
18. Keep the Back-of-the-House areas neat, clean and organized at all times. 
19. Practice a ‘clean as you go’ philosophy throughout shift. 
20. Maintain regular attendance in compliance with the standard defined in the Employee Handbook 
and as required by the posted schedule, which will vary according to the needs of the restaurant. 
21. Check schedule on a regular basis for arrival times and changes in them. 
22. Maintain the high standards of respectful communication, presentation, body language and 
workplace conduct as outlined in the Service Agreement and Employee Handbook 
Job Type: Full-time 
Job Type: Full-time 
Salary: $10.75 to $15.00 /hour 
Required experience: 
Line Cook: 5 years 
Required education: 
High school or equivalent